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Latest Automotive Industry News and Trends Briefing

Favourite stories of the past week…?

  • Follow Through -- Volvo say they won’t put a diesel engine in the S60. Given that diesel accounted for around 2/3 of European sales of the outgoing model, it will be interesting to watch how well volumes hold up and what the customer reception is to the alternative powertrain offering.
  • Give Me Everything -- Nissan now offers a home energy solution complete with solar panels and battery storage. Interestingly, customers will be able to choose between brand new and second life batteries. Is this new product stretching too far from the core or an example of new business lines OEMs need to offer to build consumer confidence around EVs (and secure demand for used batteries)?
  • Price Tag -- This week both Mobileye and said the retail price of the self-driving systems they are developing will be under $8,000. That’s a bit cheaper than the $10,000 or so most were expecting (based on supplier wholesale price data from the likes of Aptiv). But how much take up will there be at that level? Mobileye also talked about their 2,000-strong team of data labelling analysts in Sri Lanka, less clear is how these efforts scale as self-driving becomes a reality. Will hordes of desk-bound ground truth inspectors become labour nightmare for these new asset light firms? What happens if they go on strike? Does the system just stop getting better or does it start to get worse?
  • Method Man -- Waymo’s detailed application to offer a driverless ride hailing service in California emerged. It includes some interesting details about the current operating model (for instance, no intention of using remote drivers) and vehicle capability (if the vehicle encounters anything other than good weather, light rain or fog, it will pull over and go no further). Enjoy reading with a hot beverage!

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